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We recommend

Bestseller Beef
Model: Кукси
Noodles in broth, beef, egg pancakes, cabbage, sesame, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes..
Lamb shashlik
Bestseller Lamb
Model: Шашлык из баранины
Flavored marinated lamb grilled over charcoal and served with onions..
Shrimp paste  in cream sauce
Model: Паста с креветками в сливочном соусе
Spaghetti, «Parmesan» cheese, shrimps, cream sauce with spices..
Cream soup with shrimps
Model: Крем-суп сливочный с креветками
Flavored creamy soup based on cream, potatoes, carrots and cheese, with deep-fried shrimps..
Lagman Tsomyan
Bestseller Beef
Model: Лагман Цомян
Noodles made by hand, fried with fresh vegetables, beef..
Grilled vegetables with shrimp
Model: Овощи гриль с креветками
Grilled fresh vegetables and shrimps with barbecue sauce..
Pilaf and Achuchuk Salad
Bestseller Beef
Model: Плов и салат Ачучук
Pilaf from selected rice "Alanga" with beef and tomato salad, bell pepper and onion..
Beef Hoe
Bestseller Beef
Model: Хе из говядины
Roasted beef with vegetables and herbs in soy sauce with spices..
Cranberries Mors
New Bestseller
Model: Cranberries Mors
Refreshing drink with cranberry taste..
Rib Eye Steak
New Beef
Model: Стейк Рибай
Rib section marbled beef steak, especially juicy and flavoredRecommended degree of roasting is medium (medium-aged steak, pink inside)..
"Caesar" salad with chicken
Bestseller Chicken
Model: Цезарь с курицей
«Cherry» tomatoes, «Parmesan» cheese, garlic croutons, chicken breasts, lettuce, «Caesar» sauce..
Model: Микс с сыром моцарелла
«Mozzarella» cheese, «Cherry» tomatoes, olives, cucumber, mix-salad, bell pepper, basil..