Delivery terms

Dear customers!
We spent the whole day with you and delivered delicious emotions. In order to gain strength, we need a good sleep :)
We will resume accepting orders for delivery already from 11:00 am! Thank you for choosing Imperia Chaihona Lounge!

Orders information

We accept orders every day from 11:00 to 22:30, also you can make takeout order at any our cafes and pick up an order by yourself. Order details and requirements you can write during checkout process in the field: "Comment". 
If you did not receive your order after specified time you can call us: 070-7663-2246

Delivery area

Delivery is currently available in the following areas:
Ansan, neighborhood of Hanyang university:

  1. 사동 1149 - 1497 (Sa-Dong 1149 - 1497)
  2. 본오동 666 - 1155 (Bono-Dong 666 -1155)
  3. 일동 95 - 667 (Il-Dong 95 - 667)
  4. 이동 521 - 607 (I-Dong 521 607)
  5. 이동 623 - 721 (I-Dong 623 - 721)
  6. 팔곡동 all numbers (Pal'gok-Dong)
  7. 고잔동 all numbers (Gojan-Dong)
Ansan, neighborhood of Ansan station Tekol' sagori:
  1. 원곡동 (Wongok-Dong)
  2. 선부동 (Sonbu-Dong)
  3. 신길동 (Singill-Dong)
  4. 와동 (Wa-Dong)
  1. 동구 (Dong-gu)
  2. 서구 (Seo-gu)
  3. 중구 (Jung-gu)
You can check your address in Korean here, in English here.
Also we're planning to open a food delivery in the cities of Gwangju and Seoul.
Right now you can order takeaway at all of our sales-points, contact information, map and addresses are presented on this page.

How to order?

Add the desired dishes to the cart, go to the cart and fill in your contact information, then click to the "Order" button, our operator will contact you within 10 minutes to clarify the details of the order list and check the delivery address.

How to pay?

Payment is made to the courier upon receipt of the order, you can pay by card or cash as well. Delivery price is 4,000 KRW, for orders over 50,000 delivery price is free.