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Herring Salad
New Bestseller
Model: Салат с сельдью
Herring fillet, carrot, potato, onion, mayo, pickled cucumbers, tobiko caviar..
Model: Микс с сыром моцарелла
«Mozzarella» cheese, «Cherry» tomatoes, olives, cucumber, mix-salad, bell pepper, basil..
Model: Бобовый с тунцом
Corn, beans, tuna, croutons, olives, broccoli, «Cherry» tomatoes, green peas..
Shrimp mix
Model: Микс с креветками
Shrimp, mix-salad, «Cherry» tomatoes, croutons, orange sauce, spices..
"Empire of taste" salad
Bestseller Beef
Model: Империя вкуса
Boiled beef, corn, mix-salad with vegetables, mayonnaise, quail eggs..
"Caesar" salad with shrimp
Bestseller Shrimp
Model: Цезарь с креветками
Shrimps, lettuce, «Cherry» tomatoes, garlic croutons, «Parmesan» cheese, «Caesar» sauce..
"Caesar" salad with chicken
Bestseller Chicken
Model: Цезарь с курицей
«Cherry» tomatoes, «Parmesan» cheese, garlic croutons, chicken breasts, lettuce, «Caesar» sauce..
Bestseller Fish
Model: Калифорния
Salmon, tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, «Iceberg» lettuce, «Tobiko» caviar, lemon, sauce, spices..
Greek salad
Model: Греческий
Tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, «Feta» cheese, «Iceberg» lettuce, olives and «Balsamic» sauce..
Olivie Salad
Bestseller Beef
Model: Оливье
Beef or sausage, eggs, potatoes, cucumbers, green peas, carrots, mayonnaise..
"Fresh" salad
Model: Свежий
Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, spices..
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