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Grilled vegetables with filet mignon
Bestseller Beef
Model: Овощи гриль с филе миньон
Beef filet mignon with grilled fresh vegetables and barbecue sauce..
Grilled vegetables with shrimp
Model: Овощи гриль с креветками
Grilled fresh vegetables and shrimps with barbecue sauce..
Model: Хе из говядины
Roasted beef with vegetables and herbs in soy sauce with spices..
Model: Ассорти из свежих овощей
Tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, chilli and paprika, lettuce leaves, greens..
Model: Ассорти из маринованных овощей
Sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, chili pepper, garlic, tomatoes..
Model: Сельдь по-русски
Herring fillet with boiled potatoes, pickled cucumbers, onions and greens..
Model: Сунде
Black pudding (blood sausage) with soy sauce..
Spring rolls with shrimp
Model: Спринг-роллы с креветками
Crispy rolls with shrimps and vegetables, deep fried, served with spicy-sweet sauce “Nam dim”..
Model: Спринг-роллы с овощами
Crispy rolls with funchoza and deep-fried vegetables, served with spicy-sweet "Nam dim" sauce..
Model: Самса большая
Beef, puff pastry, Satsebeli sauce..
Model: Самса маленькая
Beef, puff pastry, Satsebeli sauce..
Model: Пегодя
Pigodi with beef and soy sauce..
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