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Model: Лепешка
Traditional Uzbek bread..
Black bread
New Bestseller
Model: Серый хлеб
Rye flour bread..
Model: Картофельные дольки
Baked potato wedges side dish..
Model: Картофельное пюре
Mashed potatoes side dish..
Model: Гречка
Buckwheat side dish..
Model: Рис с овощами
Fried Rice with Vegetables Side Dish..
Model: Рис на пару
Steamed rice..
French fries
Model: Картофель фри
Deep fried potatoes..
Mustard sauce
New Bestseller
Model: Соус горчичный
Mustard-based sauce..
Model: Кетчуп
Model: Майонез
Model: Соус барбекю
Barbecue sauce is the perfect complement to kebabs, grilled chicken, steaks and other grilled dishes...
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