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Model: Рогалики
Bagels with nuts and powdered sugar..
Model: Торт Империя
Branded puff cake with condensed milk and nuts..
Model: Торт Киевский
Biscuit cake with meringue, custard cream and grated walnuts..
Cake "Medovik"
New Bestseller
Model: Торт Медовик
Layer honey cake with custard cream..
Model: Торт Наполеон
Puff, crumbly cake with cream..
Model: Торт Сникерс
Biscuit chocolate cake with nougat, custard cream and grated walnuts..
Model: Чак-Чак
Crispy dessert with honey..
New Bestseller
Model: Блины
Pancakes (3psc)..
Model: Блины с творогом
Pancakes with cottage cheese (2pcs) served with sour cream..
Pancakes with meat
New Bestseller Beef
Model: Блины с мясом
Pancakes with minced beef (2pcs), served with sour cream..
Waffles with chocolate-nut paste
New Bestseller
Model: Вафли с шоколадно-ореховой пастой
Belgian waffles with chocolate-nut paste, whipped cream and chocolate topping..
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